Dr. Duke Yoon, OD

Dr. Yoon practices in two locations, the Lakewood Eye Clinic and Eyes of Edmonds, for your convenience. Dr. Yoon has over 30 years of private practice experience, and after earning his Doctor of Optometry from Southern College of Optometry, he furthered his training at the Gesell Institute at Yale. He is the only practice to offer Ocular Prosthetic procedures in the North Sound area, and in addition to general exams, also specializes in contacts, cosmetic procedures, orthokeratology, myopia prevention and treatment. He places a special emphasis on good nutrition to maintain healthy eyes.

Our capabilities

Comprehensive Eye Exam

A summary of our comprehensive adult and children eye and vision examination includes:
• Evaluation of current glasses and contact lenses prescriptions and new updated prescriptions
• Vision related screening tests including pupil testing, eye movements, and visual fields
• Measurement of the intra-ocular pressure to evaluate glaucoma risk
• Screening blood pressure testing
• Detailed near vision analysis including alignment and focusing posture
• Determination of the refractive state of the eyes to identify the need for a glasses prescription, taking into account special visual demands and needs
• Detailed assessment of external and internal ocular health, including pupil dilation, and related systemic health conditions
Thorough in depth consultation with the patient regarding his or her visual, ocular, and related systemic health care status, including recommendations for treatment, management, and future care.

Medical Eye Care

our doctors provide a variety of medical eye services that go above and beyond your routine eye care.
Over the years we have accumulated medical equipment and the expertise to treat and diagnose ocular conditions. Below is a list of most of the medical services we provide:

• Diabetic eye care / Retinal eye exam
• Ocular trauma, infections, iritis and herpes
• Diagnosis of floaters, spots, retina detachments
• Macular degeneration care
• Glaucoma care
• Cataract, glaucoma and corneal Dystrophy
• In house Lasik, laser consultation
• Arthritis Plaquenil eye exam
• Autism ritalin eye exam
• Post-traumatic syndrome (Brain rehab)
• Brain Injury Vision Assessment & Rehabilitation Service
• ADHD / ADD Vision Assessment Service
• Ocular prosthetics ( artificial eye )
• myopia reduction therapy ( Ortho-K )
• Vision Therapy ( Developmental, Slow learning )

• General medical eye care

Eye Wear

Here are most of the brand names we offer:

Christian Dior Nike
Cinzia Oakley
Coach Prada
Diva Pro Design
Emilio Pucci Scott Harris
Flexon Silhouette
Gucci Tom Ford
Harley Davidson Tura
Jessica McClintock Versace
Nautica Wiley X