Medical Eye Care

Our doctors provide a variety of medical eye services that go above and beyond your routine eye care.

Over the years we have accumulated medical equipment and the expertise to treat and diagnose ocular conditions. Below is a list of most of the medical services we provide:‚Äč



  • Diabetic eye care / Retinal eye exam
  • Ocular trauma, infections, iritis and herpes
  • Diagnosis of floaters, spots, retina detachments
  • Macular degeneration care
  • Glaucoma care
  • Cataract, glaucoma and corneal Dystrophy
  • In house Lasik, laser consultation
  • Arthritis Plaquenil eye exam
  • Autism ritalin eye exam
  • Post-traumatic syndrome (Brain rehab)
  • Brain Injury Vision Assessment & Rehabilitation Service
  • ADHD / ADD Vision Assessment Service
  • Ocular prosthetics ( artificial eye )
  • myopia reduction therapy ( Ortho-K )
  • Vision Therapy ( Developmental, Slow learning )
  • General medical eye care


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